Amanda Caswell

Amanda Caswell

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As a former Nickelodeon scriptwriter and a current copywriter at Comedy Central, my creativity knows no bounds. I have over ten years experience writing and editing for online and print media.

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Circuit Training For Busy Moms | PrincetonScoopPrincetonScoop

Circuit Training For Busy Moms | PrincetonScoopPrin...

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Princeton Runners Rejoice! | PrincetonScoopPrincetonScoop

Princeton Runners Rejoice! | PrincetonScoopPrinceto...

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How I Fell in Love with Yoga | PrincetonScoopPrincetonScoop

How I Fell in Love with Yoga | PrincetonScoopPrince...

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Princeton Runners Rejoice! - PrincetonScoop

As Spring nears, and the weather warms, the urge to get off the treadmill and enjoy running outside increases. Hopefully you’ve kept a fitness regime over the winter as you make that transition from the gym and onto the trail. There are a few training tips to consider however, to keep you safe and fit. First, make...

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How I Fell in Love with Yoga - PrincetonScoop

**Feeling inspired to start a new routine?  We are!  Hence this re-post from our blog on loving yoga.  Enjoy!   I always considered myself “too hyper” for yoga. Doing cardio and strength training while listening to the newest remixes of Lady Gaga was my routine. Yoga, I thought, was definitely not for me. The chill...